Following up

Hi there, it’s Payton from the studio class again, with an update on how our research has helped to inform the bike sharing world over the past several months.

Our report got a surprising amount of attention from the press, including from:

Several of us from the class also worked with Dr. Buehler (note: you should totally buy his new book) to develop an article comparing our survey results with other surveys of local bicyclists, particularly with regard to demographics and trip purposes. That research is now being finalized, and has been accepted by the Transportation Research Board for its annual conference —- the most prestigious in the field — in 2013.

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Final Report Available for Download

Please click on the picture below to download the final report.

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The end is near, and here

Last week, our class gave a flawless and hilarious presentation to our clients over in Arlington and delivered our final report.

Don’t go just yet, though, because later this month I’ll post the final report online for everyone to see. Special thanks go to the hundreds of people who shared their thoughts and knowledge with us, from the world’s bicycle sharing systems and from the streets of D.C.

VT students, neighbors, and friends who want to participate in bringing Capital Bikeshare to Alexandria should attend the Alexandria Bikeshare Open House. It’ll be on Wednesday, January 4th from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, City Hall, 301 King Street, in Sister Cities Room 1101. You can also suggest future locations using the BikeArlington Crowdsourcing Map, or share your thoughts with Carrie Sanders at the city.

You also may want to submit feedback on where bikeshare stations should go on the National Mall.

– Payton

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Bike sharing: it’s a good thing

I spent my Thanksgiving in beautiful Mexico City, eating turkey tortas and marveling at historic architecture in the Americas’ oldest and largest city. I also got a chance to see how Ecobici, its new bike sharing system, works; I saw hundreds of people enjoying the city’s protected bike lanes, and rebalancing trucks shuttling bikes around. Mexico’s officials are very eager to show off their accomplishments with Ecobici; they were super duper helpful in talking with our class and also with other curious Americans!

Martha!Here in Virginia, our class has divided into three teams that are crafting an elegant (and hefty!) final report and presentation. We’ll have a lot of information to share in December.

– Payton

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Just a few weeks remain

The studio has started writing the final report, since our final presentation will be in less than a month — on 5 December. We will be doing an internal review of what we’ve done next week.

Within another week, we will have synthesized what we’ve learned about best practices around the world into several key themes, with how Capital Bikeshare can apply the lessons learned. We have had some very helpful conversations with fascinating people around the world!

Charts and graphs of our intercept survey results have been created, and our group has used statistical analysis to tease out both interesting and un-interesting trends (with an eye, of course, on reporting the interesting ones).

We are also deciding on a process for editing/formatting the final report and presenting our key findings.

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Making sausage

The makings of a deliciously juicy final report seem tantalizingly close.  But to get there, a fair amount of unglamorous brute-force work is underway in the kitchen. Wielding the finicky but razor-sharp blades of STATA in lieu of a sausage grinder, the survey analysts are trying to bring out the essential flavors hidden in the nearly 350 ingredients collected, while attempting to reacquaint themselves with such highly intuitive command prompts as “. tab var1 var2, chi2” (and also muttering under their breath about the sous-chef who collected a few 4-digit zip codes).

Meanwhile, the case study squad has translated our shopping list into French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German, Norwegian, and Mandarin, and has begun the hunt for willing customers.  The first round of email solicitations have launched, and some useful information has already been received.  But to make this sausage into a meal, we need lots more meat.  So we are hitting the phones, calling in favors, and crossing fingers.


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VTech’s Bikeshare Studio Goes Global

Hello to all our faithful followers! We are now gearing up for the second phase of our study where we will begin contacting international bikeshare systems throughout the world.  We hope to reach out to as many diverse systems as possible to talk with them about their operations and compile a list of best practices, especially in regards to bike balancing between stations and innovative practices.  The systems we plan to target initially are Brisbane, Vienna, Montreal, Hangzhou, Mexico City, Denver, Tel Aviv, Bordeaux, Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Barcelona, Seville, Hamburg, Munich, London, Milan, Dublin, Oslo, and Rio de Janeiro.  If you or anyone you know has personal experience using bikeshare systems in any part of the world, we’d love to hear from you.  If you are an expert on any particular system and would like to talk with us, please let us know and we would be happy to set up a time for a phone conversation.


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