Redistribution Vehicle in Brussels


While traveling in Belgium earlier this year, I saw the JCDecaux bikeshare program in Brussels (Villo!) using this open truck/trailer rig to redistribute bicycles.  My wife hid in shame while I merrily snapped pictures.  The open storage and low sides made loading the bicycles a very quick process – no lowering a ramp, rolling the bicycles around to the rear, and carefully stacking them in a van.  The young guy went down the line, hoisting them onto the trailer, and the driver stood on top and just dropped them into slots for the wheels.  They had this station half empty in about two minutes.

Note that they simply double-parked in front of the station, did their work, and were in and out in under five minutes.


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2 Responses to Redistribution Vehicle in Brussels

  1. And here’s a pic (not mine) of the truck loaded up
    Villo Truck!

  2. payton says:

    Montreal appears to use a similar setup, with pickups towing flat-bed trucks (my photo):
    Moving bicycles

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