Intercept Survey Task Plan

Throughout the last week, a group collaborated on drafting a task plan focusing on the creation, implementation, and analysis of an intercept survey given to targeted users of CaBi. The survey will target daily CaBi users to obtain socio-demographic data, daily users perception of the service, and suggestions for improvements to CaBi.

The first phase (I) of the intercept survey is construction and a series of internal approvals. Survey questions and instrument, interview protocols and interview scripts will be created by the Studio and presented to the clients for initial feedback. After which, they and survey participant consent documents will be submitted for approval by Virginia Tech’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Once IRB approval has been granted and all Studio researchers have completed required IRB’s Human Subjects Protection training certification, the project will move into the data collection phase (II). Studio research teams will disseminate to bike stations with a higher percentage of daily users to implement the survey over two weekends, currently scheduled, at the end of September and the beginning of October.

After data collection has been completed, the Studio’s survey team will move into the analysis phase (III) of the survey. Data coding and editing, post survey adjustments and data analysis make up the primary elements of this phase. The results from the data analysis will make up the final phase (IV), with the deliverables compiled into a report for the clients.

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