Sept 8 Update on best-practices benchmarking

In the past week, a group collaborated on creating a draft task list for gathering best practices in effectively operating public bikeshare systems worldwide.  This step-by-step task list includes identification of open issues (such as the need to identify any languages where outside translation assistance may be necessary), draft criteria for identifying which bikeshare systems to target for information, and a draft list of interview questions to probe for best practices in a variety of organizational areas that impact system operations.

After a full class discussion, consensus was reached that the entire class would focus the majority of their effort in the next two weeks on creating the intercept survey.  However, best-practices team members are concurrently working to organize a class trip to the Alta warehouse, to learn about how Capital Bikeshare operations work, and will be refining the list of interview questions in advance of that site visit.  As the timeline for survey work is finalized, milestone dates will be created and assigned for carrying out the best-practices research work.

And just as Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon 37 years ago today, please pardon me as I get back to work


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One Response to Sept 8 Update on best-practices benchmarking

  1. my wife and I can get by in French, a friend of mine is a native Spaniard willing to translate for us, and I have a contact who might be willing to translate Dutch, but other languages skills (Chinese, Danish, etc) would expand the number of systems we can go begging to for information.

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