Decisions, Decisions

Throughout the week the class has been working on how to narrow down, reorder, and modify our Capital Bikeshare intercept survey questions.  Where we had started with well over 50 question “concepts,” we are narrowing the pool down to approximately 15 key questions (granted, some of these have secondary follow-up questions if a certain response is received from the primary question).   We have received feedback from Chris and Paul, our Clients, on which questions they felt were most valuable to them and which questions could easily be removed from the pool of potential questions.  The remainder of the eliminations are taking place using a simple straw poll of the class.

The 15 number, while not set in stone or particularly special, was the approximate number that, after some peer testings, we felt could be easily responded to within a 5 minute window.  We had previously honed in on a 30 question survey, but that was testing out at closer to 10 minutes of survey time.  It is a tough balance of wanting to be respectful of the participants time and collecting the most pertinent information that will help Capital Bikeshare improve it services to 24-hour and 5-day members.  Also, we felt that if the survey was too long that we would run a higher risk of having people opt out of the survey midway through which would give us an inconsistent data pool to work with.

If you were surveyed on the street, assuming that you were not running terribly late for a meeting, appointment, date, etc., how much time would agree to take out of your day to answer a graduate students’ survey?  (Also, assuming you didn’t manage to fake a phone call or cross the street before being intercepted by the surveyor…)


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