Just a few weeks remain

The studio has started writing the final report, since our final presentation will be in less than a month — on 5 December. We will be doing an internal review of what we’ve done next week.

Within another week, we will have synthesized what we’ve learned about best practices around the world into several key themes, with how Capital Bikeshare can apply the lessons learned. We have had some very helpful conversations with fascinating people around the world!

Charts and graphs of our intercept survey results have been created, and our group has used statistical analysis to tease out both interesting and un-interesting trends (with an eye, of course, on reporting the interesting ones).

We are also deciding on a process for editing/formatting the final report and presenting our key findings.

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1 Response to Just a few weeks remain

  1. Valeria Yanez says:

    Hello! first I would like to congratulate you for your project that is almost done!
    I also have an assignment for school (Sustainable Management Class) and I am doing it on the same topic as you. It is a small assignment, just a 2-page long reflection on how bikesharing systems could improve their balancing problem. I need to come up with a creative solution, and that is why I wanted to ask for your opinion, and your findings. What would be a creative solution for addressing this issue, while remaining sustainable for the environment (which means not using those trucks to redistribute the bikes). My assignment is due friday, I am starting last minute. I work for Bixi Montreal which is also responsible for Capital BikeShare, the Hubway, Nice Ride, and New York coming soon. If you need anything on my part, don’t be shy to ask!


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